About me

My name is Jean-Charles Chaumet but everyone knows me as Jaycee.

I became a freelance photographer while living in Brighton, before moving to London where I am currently based. I was born in a small village in Burgundy, France and I have lived in Brittany in France, Paris, London, Budapest, Milan, Istanbul and visited numerous amazing places in the world such as, Croatia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Italy, Spain, Portugal, America, Canada, Colombia, Peru, Thailand, Singapore, South Africa, India, Iran with many more to come.

I have a critical observation to the world and I use my camera as a medium of expression to reflect aspects of contemporary encounters with people and places. I like to intercept simple stories and moments that preoccupy me.

My personal projects capture pictures showing the truth of what surrounds us, which I hope shows a raw approach and real vision to the life we are living in.

I am attracted to subjects that transcend present time and give us a new vision. Simple faces or places that we often come across without realising their beauty and simplicity because we take it for granted most of the time.

I take my time to look, to connect, to think and savour the moment to unleash my mind and see my images as a tattoo of emotions that time will never erase.