Maids & Patrons – Continuing Project

Personal Project

This on-going project; “Maids and Patrons” is the description given to a series of images taken in South America. In this collection I explore the intimate relationship between those who employ home workers and those who deliver the services.

During my travels across Peru in 2013, I engaged with many neighbourhoods in Lima, Peru.
I was touched by the lifestyle, very different to what I was brought up with back in Europe. In this set I analysed the needs of both maid and patron and established the strength of the bond between the two parties. The social standing of each has been studied to understand how the class structure impacts the interaction in the employer/employee environment. Across this continuing collection of six portraits, I depicts how truly different the ‘master and servant’ relationship is in South America to those we know in Western Europe. Each portrait takes us on a journey around the family lifestyle and private, intimate moments to make us feel the indubitable affinity between inhabitants.

I hope to have assembled this piece of work in a style which keeps us informed, yet intrigued by our desire to understand and ask questions about how other humankind interact with each other, to understand even better their attachment between other.