Soft touch of India

Personal Project

Ashish, Avirat, Rishikesh, Shreyansh, Avichal and Ram are 6 friends leaving in Pune, Maharashtra, India. They often feel comfortable dressing-up.

This collection of photos express their feelings and emotions when putting on make-up, wearing feminine clothes and heals in 21st century India.

When asked to describe why they do it, this is what each of them said:

Shreyansh: “For me the first time was when my sister dressed me up like a girl and I loved it. I have always been interested in doing it more and more…”

Ashish: “I was born in Delhi but lived and did my studying in Nagpur, where I was for 18 years. I work as a recruiter for Wipro Technologies.
I believe that clothes are genderless and dress-up to break stereotypes. Clothes do not define anybody’s gender.”

Rishikesh: “I wanted to dress-up after watching drag-queens on the TV and I wanted heals for a while. I am actually saving up for my first pair of heals.”

Avirat: “I don’t generally dress-up much and not yet too comfortable with it. I could do make-up once in a while.”

Avichal: “The first time I consciously dressed up in a saree was for a theme party at my friend Ashish’s place (being made to wear one as a 4 years old boy by your mum for a fancy dress competition doesn’t count!!!!). I don’t mind putting on heals or make-up but I am usually just too lazy besides which, I don’t need clothes to get close to people…”