Solitary Lapse

Personal Project

This series started when having to stay for a few weeks in a remote little village of Burgundy, France.

All alone there, I realised that after a few days, I was not feeling the same as I normally feel when living in London, but it was hard to pinpoint the reason why I was feeling this way. Lonely and often wandering the street of the village at night, I felt like I was part of a theatre set, the noises of the night, the wind, the owl hoot were show’s music and the street lighting the spotlights of the stage. My emotions were similar to one of grisly thriller play. All these emotions were now linked to the relationship with my surrounding.

Solitary Lapse is a Black & White photography project, which looks into living in remote places. Places that make you feel really lonely, scared and detached from the common code of conduct of living in cities that may be reality to some of us. People are used to behave with their surroundings and therefore often acting accordingly depending on where they are. Being thrown out of your normality can challenge your emotions and feelings.